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Course Guide

Map 5

Hole 1  ‘Crab Lough’               344  yards,   Par 4.

The first hole requires a tee shot over the Crab Lough to a generous fairway beyond.  The hole then turns left with a well struck iron shot required to hold the plateau green.  The slope off the right side of the green is particularly severe. On the back 9 the hole is played from a high 10th tee from which the golfer gets a fine view of the dog leg hole with the Crab Lough running along the left side of the fairway.  Though measuring only 347 yards the prevailing south west wind ensures that the hole plays its full length.


Hole 2   ‘Heathers’                 155  yards,   Par 3.

A visually striking hole, particularly in the season when the heather is in bloom.   An accurate tee shot is required to find a long narrow green which has many subtle contours.  Being short here is better than long.

Hole 3   ‘Carnview’              483  yards,     Par 4fIMG_9329A demanding Par 4 which requires a long straight tee shot onto the elevated fairway.  A number of strategically placed trees put a premium on accuracy.  The distance wind turbine provides the ideal line for the tee shot.  If successful, a 220-240 yards second shot awaits the golfer who needs to be mindful of a deep bunker on the left side of the green.fIMG_9338Hole 4  ‘Sperrins’                 323  yards,     Par 4.

A short, picturesque par 4, which presents the golfer with a different challenge to previous hole.  The ideal tee shot threads its way between the trees on the left and a lone bunker on the right.  The approach shot is also tricky, with care needed to avoid a deep bunker and steep slope to the right side of the green.


Hole 5  ‘Whins’                     201  yards      Par 3

A challenging Par 3, presenting the golfer with a long tee shot to an undulating two-tier green.  A miss judged shot may well find the bunker at the front right of the green, making it very difficult for the player to save par.

Hole 6  ‘Hawthorns’             291  yards      Par 4


As the name of the hole suggests, the hawthorns on the left side of this hole need to be avoided off the tee.  A short Par 4, but one that demands an accurate tee shot with a craftily placed bunker in the right half of the fairway.  The green, which tilts right to left, is guarded by a lone tree to the left and another bunker to the right.

Hole 7  ‘Wishing Well’        187 yards       Par 3


Another demanding Par 3, the main feature of which is a small putting surface.  The secret here is to avoid going through the green.  The tee shot is played downhill with the golfer needing to be mindful of trees which encroach from the right. On the back 9 the hole plays a little shorter with a forward tee slightly to the left, tempting the golfer to fire straight at the flag.

Hole 8  ‘Creightons Wood’  402  yards      Par 4

A superb Par 4 which requires two well struck shots to offer a birdie chance.  A hog’s back tends to kick the tee shot left or right, but the left half of the fairway provides the better line to the flag.  This green tilts right to left with a sharp drop off the front left approach.  A Par 4 here is always welcome.


Hole 9  ‘Spires’                     510  yards      Par 5


This hole can be stretched to over 500 yards when the new back tee is in play.  Out of bounds up the left tends to push the golfer to the right off the tee.  If the 2nd shot can clear a ridge, it should kick forward into a good position.  The approach shot to this raised green has to avoid a deep bunker to the right side of the putting surface.